Affiliated to Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur and Madhya Pradesh Board, Bhopal.
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National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)

Establishment Date- 15-6-2013


IQAC Aims to be instrumental in attaining a realistic quality benchmark for the academic and administrative activities of the institution. It will also help the institution to grow with sustaining quality.


IQAC is committed to evaluating and maintaining:-
- Value-based holistic education in the institution.
- Women empowerment.
- Molding the youth to be agents of social and environmental changes.


IQAC Undertakes:
- To faculty evaluation- self, peer, and students.
- To assess the annual progress of course/ department of the institution.
- To promote research culture among staff and students.
- To encourage and organize seminars, conferences, workshops, orientation, and faculty development programs in the institution.

JPC Founder Members of IQAC

Dr Nivedita Paul Chairperson
Mr. Praneet Verma Management Officer
Mr. Vipin Pandey Administrative Officer
Dr Shweta Pandey Teacher
Smt Ashwani Kuber Librarian
Shri Vinod Patro Sports Teacher
Mr G.K.Judah Local Society
Prakriti Shrivastava(M.Ed.)
Sujata Ghosh(B.Ed.)
Ms Hebzibha John Alumni
Mr. Shitiz Paul Stakeholder
Shri S.K.Metha
Dr Ragini Singh


Panel of IQAC 2023 to 2025

Dr Nivedita Paul Chairperson
Smt Somya Verma Management Officer
Dr Meenakshi Shrivastava Administrative Officer
Dr Shweta Pandey Teacher
Smt Preeti Sahu Librarian
Shri Vinod Patro Sports Teacher
Mr. Kake Anand Local Society
Deeksha Lodhi(M.Ed.)
Shivani and Ashutosh(B.Ed.)
Ms. Apurva Shrivastava Alumni
Shri Rahul Lodhi Stakeholder
Shri S.K.Metha Coordinator/Director


Meeting Agenda Date:- 12th January 2024

- Formation of panel for IQAC.
- Development of the institution.
- Research Programmes.
- Submission of IIQA for Accreditation of NAAC for the second time.
- The panel of IQAC for 2023 -2025 was framed with the commitment of management and staff of the institution for the working and various decision to be taken for the development of the institution.
- It was decided that all the members of IQAC will look forward for the development of the institution.Any future plans for the institutions development regarding opening of new courses. The needful requirements to be informed to the management.
- The members of IQAC also decided that the staff and students of M.Ed. to encouraged for publication of Research Papers in the Journal published from the institution ‘Emerging Research Journal’ for Voloum-4 Issue-1 with Impact factor 5.36.
- The newly framed panel of IQAC decided that as the tenure of NAAC as completed in 2020 the institution should work for Second cycle of Assessment and Accreditation from NAAC. All the formalities should be informed to the management and the office department so that the institution can apply for IIQA.
The meeting was adjourned with a Vote of thanks by the Chairperson, Dr Nivedita Paul with a consideration of all the action plans to be taken fruitfully for the future of the institution.